Wraps Up Food

We change
the concept
of how to
see a wrap

Savor the Wrap Experience.

Welcome to Wraps Up Food, your ultimate destination for a delectable journey of flavors in the heart of Atlanta. Born from a passion for culinary innovation, we take pride in transforming the way you experience wraps. At Wraps Up Food, we believe in elevating everyday dining into a memorable adventure.

Our Atlanta-based establishment is a celebration of diverse tastes and quality ingredients meticulously wrapped to perfection. Each bite tells a story of our commitment to freshness, creativity, and a dash of Southern charm.

We're not just a food destination; we're a community that wraps up warmth, flavor, and satisfaction in every delicious package. Whether you're craving a quick, satisfying bite or looking to tantalize your taste buds with a unique culinary experience, Wraps Up Food invites you to savor the fusion of Atlanta's culinary spirit and our passion for exceptional wraps. Come, unwrap the extraordinary with us!

Our Services

Flavors Unleashed, Wrapped Up.

Event Catering Services

  • Customized Menus:

Tailor menus to suit client preferences, dietary needs, and event themes.

  • Interactive Food Stations:

Set up live cooking stations for a dynamic and customizable dining experience.

  • Themed Events and Decor:

Create themed events with corresponding decor and ambiance.

  • Diverse Culinary Experiences:

Offer a variety of international and fusion cuisines to cater to diverse tastes.

  • Signature Drinks and Beverages:

Craft unique cocktails and mocktails that complement the menu.

  • Delivery, Setup, and Staffing:

Ensure professional delivery, setup, and provide trained staff for a seamless event catering service.

Corporate Recurrent Food Plans

  • Customized and Diverse Menus:

Tailor meal plans to group preferences with diverse cuisine options.

  • Theme Events and Decoration:

Introduce variety through theme and rotating menus.

  • Healthy Choices:

Include nutritious options to support well-being.

  • Special Dietary Accommodations:

Cater to specific dietary needs within the group.

  • Convenient Delivery and Packaging:

Ensure easy distribution with convenient delivery and packaging.

  • Recurrent Packages and Discounts for Groups:

Get your subscription and receive seasonal offers and discounts for 3- or 6-month memberships

Our new
seasonal menu

Dive into a culinary voyage as you peruse our thoughtfully curated menu. At Wraps Up Food, each dish is a carefully crafted masterpiece, a symphony of flavors waiting to unfold.

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